I love telling people's stories via video. I write, shoot and edit my own work except where a second "B" camera is indicated on organizational team productions. 


John Walton Promotional Video

An overview of some of my video storytelling projects, both domestic and internationally (2:17)

Portfolio Demonstration Video - Common Grounds

A 30-sec church promo video produced for my portfolio


Angola Prison: 2014 Returning Hearts Celebration

This video from Angola (Louisiana) Prison, I wrote, produced and edited. (May 2014) We had about 48 hours to find the stories, shoot the event, interview featured inmates and other principles. The video is produced for the hundreds of volunteers who cannot bring their cameras into the prison. I shot stills and video with most of the interview video shot by a colleague. The Returning Hearts Celebration is an annual event hosted by Awana that brings inmate dads together with their children. (7:08)

Hannah's Gift  (Louisiana Women's Prison)

This video was produced so that Dept. Of Corrections officials can see and hear the impact the Hannah's Gift program has had on women incarcerated at the Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women (LCIW). Hannah's Gift is a ministry of Awana Lifeline. I wrote, produced and edited this video, shot the still photos and some video, along with a "B" camera operator.


Asmita's Story - Nepal

Asmita tells of her experience living in a slum community near Kathmandu, and how being involved in an Awana Club has impacted her life.


Reaching the Unreached Child - Africa

 Children are strong, resilient and creative with the little they have. Joseph Mbange shares his passion for reaching children in Africa through the Awana ministry.


Refugee; Part 2: From a Refugee Womb

Refuge; Part 2: From a Refugee Womb from Awana Global Media on Vimeo.

Through the Zambian office of Awana, local leaders in the Meheba Refugee Settlement have been trained to start Awana Clubs in many of their respective churches. Most of these leaders are refugees themselves. Part 2 of this Refugee series focuses on the children, how they've been born into a legacy of conflict. Their story continues.


I Have a Name

With the cities of the world overflowing with children-even street children--who have tremendous needs, we are reminded in this video that these kids are not anonymous, but they have a name, and are loved by God.



This Day - Angola Prison, 2013

The 2013 Returning Hearts Celebration, Angola Prison (Louisiana State Penitentiary) near Baton Rouge, La. Seven hundred and fifty-nine kids spent the day with their incarcerated fathers. Over 540 volunteers helped make the day happen. The Returning Hearts Celebration and Awana Lifeline are ministries of Awana. 7:37 min. Produced, directed and edited by me, including still photography and some video, along with a second camera operator, for the interviews.



Generations - Ukraine from Awana Global Media on Vimeo.

An octogenarian couple from Ukraine share briefly of a time when freedom to worship was costly, and now, the joy they see in their great-grandchildren attending Awana.