I'm the little guy.

In my photographic career I’ve been blessed to serve two major ministries, the Philippine Branch of Wycliffe Bible Translators as photographer and Media Services Manager, and later as the Manager of Global Story, for Awana, primarily as a photographer and Senior Video Producer. 

I’ve been privileged to travel to over 40 countries, many of those more than once, to tell the story of what God is doing in people’s lives around the world and to experience something of what their lives are like.

“Blessed are your eyes for the things you have seen, and your ears, for the things you have heard…” These words of Jesus to his disciples summarize my passion for a Visual Storytelling ministry. Seeing and hearing...then telling others. 

Semi-retired now, I still have a desire to create compelling images and serve my community and church using my visual storytelling skills. I also serve part-time as the Marketing Director for Lifeline Global Ministries, helping incarcerated mom’s and dads to become godly parent’s so the generational cycle of incarceration can be broken. You can see more about that at www.LifelineGlobal.org where I manage that website.

The photography work here on my personal site reflects my transition into portraiture, character/actor head-shots and a bit of commercial product photography.  Although my “Previous Work” portfolio will show that the current work I do now is based on years of experience capturing photos and video for my clients in some of the most distant and challenging regions of the world.

I now bring that professional level of experience here to you.