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"NOTE: I hope you enjoy these photos of the hangar dance last week. It was fun taking them! If you would like to share any of these images on your own social media, you may do so via the “Share” buttons or you can “right-click” over any image and download the individual photo file to keep for yourself at no cost to you. You can even make small prints from those files, OR, if you would like higher quality prints made through a professional lab, you can order them right from this gallery via the “Buy” button and the “Prints” link. But that is completely optional. However, half of the proceeds I’ll share with your USO cause. Please let me know if you have any questions via the contact link at the bottom of the screen. It was a pleasure to serve your USO cause."
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Guestbook for Hangar Dance-DeKalb EAA
Tim Hunter(non-registered)
Thank You for your awesome pictures of the USO/EAA Chapter 241 Swing Dance that was held at DeKalb Taylor Muncipal airport on Oct 25, 2014.
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